When you suspect a player of cheating report him, please try to supply as much evidence as possible.

Ban Evasion

Players caught circumventing a ban will have their new account(s) banned unless the original ban is reversed.

Offensive Material

Offensive material is a very subjective arena. Signs depicting bigotry or offensive slurs can potentially be removed by Moderators without warning, and potentially; further action(s) may ensue.


Glitches are a part of any alpha game, and as such, we do not police most glitch exploitation. The only currently enforced ongoing glitch is the building of bases inside of rocks.

Real Life Threats

To know the severity of the threat, it is important to understand the context behind the statement. For example, if someone says they’re going to “f*** someone’s mom” in all chat, it’s obvious that’s not a real threat. If the player is talking about tracking them down in real life or swatting them, please report them.


Doxing is the act of releasing the personal information of another player. This can include any real life information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Players found to be doing this will be evaluated as to the severity, but ultimately, offenses of this nature are grounds for an immediate ban.

Server / Admin Hating

We take pride in the vetting of our staff however mistakes do happen. When suspicions of abuse arise we want to address them in a productive manner. Ranting in all chat does nothing to address the problem and may result in Moderation response. If you suspect admin abuse, please contact a member of our Leadership team via Steam

Staff Rules

Rustafied staff rules apply to all active Trainees and Moderators, regardless of tenure.